June 16, 2007

Open Source Law Immersion Program will amplify FOSS community legal expertise

Author: Shirl Kennedy

Practicing attorneys with a basic knowledge of free/open source software and a desire to learn about relevant legal issues are invited to apply for a spot in the Software Freedom Law Center's new Open Source Law Immersion Program.

The resident program, designed to be flexible in duration and scope, offers interested attorneys an opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge of such FOSS-related areas of concern as licensing, trademarks, patents, government regulations, and assistance to nonprofit entities.

SFLC envisions the program as "mutually beneficial" -- it furthers the organization's mission "to promote better understanding of FOSS legal issues, and participating attorneys will benefit by becoming better prepared to handle FOSS legal issues in their own practice."

Lawyers from any country may apply; if accepted, they will need to make their own arrangements for NYC-area accommodations and will also be asked to make a contribution to SFLC to offset the cost of the program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis year round. The Center "will work with applicants to design a program lasting approximately 2-4 weeks."

The SFLC, founded in 2005, provides legal services to the FOSS community -- free to nonprofit developers -- in the areas of asset stewardship, licensing, license defense and litigation support, nonprofit corporate assistance, consulting and training.

Shirl Kennedy is the senior editor of theDocuTickerandResourceShelfWeblogs as well as the "Internet Waves" columnist forInformation Today. She has been writing about technology since 1992.


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