December 11, 2003

Open Source License Plate Project (Montana)

Guest writes "Project Overview
We are spear-heading a project to raise awareness for "open source" software and to raise money for a non-profit that promotes Linux. We will donate all proceeds to one of these non-profits:

    * Electronic Frontier Foundation
    * Free Software Foundation
    * Other options, Please tell us about them.

The project is designed to get a customized Montana License Plate with Tux on it. We need to raise $4,000 to get the plate in production, and after that, we will donate 100% of the proceeds from each sale to one of the non-profit organizations above that is chosen. Also, having Tux on a plate will help us raise awareness for this "open source" operating system. So far, we have introduced the idea to the local Linux User's Group that we participate in, and have learned that many people are excited."



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