March 23, 2006

Open Source Magazine launches new US and UK sites

John Buswell writes "o3 magazine, a monthly open source electronic publication focused on open source in the enterprise launched a new website today. This is the second major change at the publication since the new design which was rolled out with issue #4 earlier this month.

In addition to new content, the open source publication launched a new UK / European site at

o3 since its launch back in November 2005, has grown to over a half million readers in over 140 countries worldwide. The European market accounts for 39% of the reader. o3 has added multi-megabit services in Europe to cater to those readers. Services in Europe are provided by Layer-Two.

o3 magazine is a monthly publication built exclusively with Open Source tools. o3 is built using Scribus, graphics work is done with The Gimp and articles are written using Open Office. For further information visit"


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