March 28, 2001

Open Source movement = leftists?

Author: JT Smith, the self-described "independent magazine of the green and radical left," has an article about the Open Source movement. "The Open Source movement is significant and interesting to the left for three key reasons. Firstly,
among the benefits touted by Open Source proponents are challenges both to large-scale corporate
domination and to north-south economic neo-colonialism. Secondly, Open Source developers are
united by the belief that working in collaboration rather than competition produces better results and
liberates their own creativity. The community they have created, where intellectual satisfaction, personal
principles and human relationships are more important than fat salaries, is a living alternative to the
individualism of the average big-buck business environment. Thirdly, the issues the movement is
addressing and struggling with give an insight into the new shape of technology-driven capitalism."


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