July 6, 2005

Open Source Multimedia Linux

Aniruddh Singh writes "AsianLinux is an Indian Linux distribution which aims at promoting Linux and open source. This is our first release we hope this release would develop the foundation for the Desktop as well as Enterprise Linux which will have more support for Indian languages multimedia as well as developments.

AsianLinux is one of the complete Linux Distributions completely developed in India. It has a lot of additional Entertainment & Development tools as compared with other Linux Distributions. It consist's Mozilla Firefox Browser with macromedia-flash, java runtime, kaffeine & realplayer plugins which make's it fully compatible for Internet Applications. Gimp, Sodipodi, inkscape and blender made graphics designing as easy as it has never been in past. Qcad is included for 2D CAD designing.

AsianLinux 1.0 has enhanced removable support. CD & Floppy drive can now be accessed without having to mount or unmount.

Security became major concern today. AsianLinux has included snort intrusion detection system to keep an eye who is doing what with your system and shorewall firewall to protect against any attack.

In addition AsianLinux 1.0 consist's a lot of other Development, Entertainment & Internet tools. All of these make's AsianLinux 1.0 a complete and fully entertaining Operating System. Working on Computer has never been so easy and entertaining."

Link: asianlinux.net

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