March 19, 2004

Open Source is an Open Target?

William Nett writes "Microsoft has for the last few years ridiculed Open Source Software, and one of their biggest claims, (by Steve Ballmer) is that by being closed source, they are more secure and more reliable. Um, Pssst... Steve, your source code for NT, 2000, and XP was leaked to the Internet last week.

Microsoft's Official response was nothing short of a Baghdad Bob claim, "There is nothing to see here, there is no threat, please move along." I sincerely have to doubt this.

First off, Microsoft last year at the 2003 server launch (in San Diego at least) claimed that all of it's source code is reviewed at least once by another engineer... so just how does profanity and vulgar language pass Quality Assurance criteria checks? For the record, I don't recall seeing any such comments in Linux code... Steve, could you please explain?"



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