June 16, 2005

Open source project needs GUI (Tcl/Tk) developers

bob findlay writes "The IO Anywhere library project (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ioanywhere) is aimed at creating an LGPL'd library for interfacing to the very capable IO Anywhere (http://www.io-anywhere.ca/ network appliance.

This project has been underway for a year or so and has advanced to some very usable code and testing infrastructures.

You may well know that the stock IO Anywhere network appliance comes with a very capable web interface. This web interface facilitates the remote configuration of the appliance (they even have one online for you to play with). However, web interfaces offer limited capabilities for real time data capture/logging.

For this we propose to exploit the Tcl/Tk hooks in the library to create a series of stand alone Tcl/Tk GUI applications which can extend this real time data capture/logging capability.

While we haven't settled on the licence, it is likely to be a simple outright public licence to allow for maximum usage of derivative products.

If you are looking to hone your Linux GUI Tcl/Tk skills this represents an interesting but structured opportunity in which to do that.

For more information feel free to consult the IO Anywhere library sourceforge project site and/or join up with the project mailing list.


Link: sourceforge.net

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