October 2, 2001

Open Source pulls together to cover September 11th

Author: JT Smith

LinuxJournal: "Tuesday, September 11, the Internet stood still. Millions of users claimed over 80 per cent of internet bandwidth and caused sites around the world to choke on requests for information. As larger web sites like
CNN.com and MSNBC.com fell under the pressure, smaller sites--some run out of bedrooms and failed dot-com offices--kept news and information flowing, proving that the Internet is a resilient beast.

As the importance of the Internet has grown, the value of smaller sites providing news and opinions has become more apparent. The broadcast model of information distribution created by radio and television
no longer holds in today's networked world, and one site in particular, Slashdot.com, proved this admirably. The site survived the onslaught of users and served up-to-the-minute information during the glut,
even as other sites fell by the wayside." (Slashdot is a sister site to NewsForge.)


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