April 25, 2004

The Open Source Purge-and-Burn Mentality

Anonymous Reader writes "This article by Illuminata analyst Gordon Haff suggests that the Open Source community -- or at least a subset of the community -- is adopting the very behavior that they reject from monopolistic and censorship-centric factions. It reminds me of Luke Skywalker venturing into that scary place to confront the basic truth that the Dark Side was as much a part of his soul as The Force."Some of the most influential members of the Open Source community have always been belligerent. Those questioning the purity and superiority of Open Source are commonly abused by the movement's alpha geeks, causing many who admired their accomplishments to deplore their behavior. Sure, plenty of other developers speak their mind without much sugar-coating; many are eccentric, acerbic, or anti-social; that's the way of the clan. But for the most part, discussions remain in the realm of reason, rather than invective (notwithstanding often abrupt responses to "stupid" newbie questions, or even the occasional Usenet "flame war").

Link: illuminata.com


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