October 14, 2001

Open Source Schools journal completes second week

Author: JT Smith

David Bucknell writes, "Open Source Schools is a free and open source project dedicated to fostering the successful use of free and open source software and content in education. We have just completed our second week.

We are building a bridge between those who know powerful, open source technologies and members of the education world with our journal at:

We invite more to join us, whether brand new to computers and professional education, or an old hand at either or both.

Features since October 1, 2001

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!

By David A. Wheeler

What programming language should I teach?
By Nick Bauman

Teaching a Child to Program
By Wade Hampton

Do-It-Yourself Open Source Project
By Taylor Brockman

Why Would a Non-Programmer Contribute to Open Source?
By Dale Gulledge

The Open Source Pocket URL Guide
Karl Pinc

The Mozilla.org Project Model
By Brent Simpson

Why Use Open Source in Schools?
By George Shaffer

Linux in education report #54
By Doug Loss

Five Easy Pieces (to bringing Open Source Back Home to Education)
By David Bucknell"


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