December 16, 2003

Open Source Search Engine Development Project

Cherre Neitzka writes "A New Breed of Open Source Internet Search Engine Levels the Playing Field for Web-based Businesses.

OWS plans to change the way businesses are searched and found on the Internet.CHICAGO, IL December 15, 2003 The OpenWebSearch Corporation has just launched its plan to design, build, and operate a new breed of Internet search engine built around the needs of the Internet community. It is a collaborative effort by Internet developers of products and services, infrastructure companies, and the OpenWebSearch Corporation. The search engines development is based upon robust open source and open standards based technologies that operate securely in a distributed manner across the resources of participating companies and individuals. No one individual or corporation will have control over the vast resources of the Internet, states Harry Anastopoulos, Founder and President of the OpenWebSearch Corporation.

Current Search Engines fail to serve their master

OpenWebSearch is building a search engine from the ground-up, specifically addressing the needs and wishes of the Internet community at large. There is a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the hit-or-miss guesswork, magic page
ranking formulas, and rising expense associated with current commercial search engines.

OpenWebSearch addresses these problems by focusing on the needs of end-users in a precise and openly published manner. According to Anastopoulos, The rest of the Internet operates effectively based on open standards and collaboration, why should we be led to believe that Internet searching is somehow different?

Anastopoulos plans for developers and companies that participate in the OpenWebSearch system to become shareholders in the corporation and share in the profits of the endeavor. Participants will be able to derive revenues independent of the corporation from their own activities related to the services and products they provide around the OpenWebSearch system and standards.

For more information visit the OpenWebSearch Web site at and use the Web sites contact form."


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