January 23, 2004

Open-source shifts spell an end for UnitedLinux

UnitedLinux, a four-company consortium formed to counterbalance Red Hat's dominance in the Linux market, is all but dead.

"The legal entity exists, but I shut the lights out," said former UnitedLinux general manager Paula Hunter in an interview Thursday at the LinuxWorld
Conference and Expo here. Hunter now is channeling her Linux collaboration energies into a new job: director of business development on the East Coast
for the Open Source Development Labs.

The shutdown marks the end of an ambitious effort to attract more hardware and software partners, standardize Linux, and boost research and
development. Instead, it was OSDL--a more neutral coalition in the Linux industry and the employer of Linux leader Linus Torvalds--that succeeded
where UnitedLinux failed.

Link: zdnet.com


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