February 26, 2004

Open Source Software: A Gift Of Technology

The National Conference on Open Source Software (OSS) was held by MAIT at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumba i to discuss the use of OSS
in different networking systems.

According to Dr. Gautam Shroff, Head - Architecture and Technology Consulting, TCS, "OSS is specially helpful for education and simple applications.
For this reason, Linux is emerging as the standard non-Windows Operating System."

Compared to the closed operating systems OSS is much cheaper and can be used in IT architecture in platforms like Desktops, Web servers, Business
logic servers, Database servers, and Infrastructure servers. Besides this, the free versions of OSS like Linux can be downloaded for a testing phase.

OSS also represents significant opportunities for the industry and fast gaining acceptability. Proprietary software yields both low TCO (Total Cost of
Ownership) for users and provides viable business models for the industry.

Link: techtree.com


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