Is Open Source software threatening intellectual property?


Author: JT Smith

Roberto Zicari writes: “In view of the recent attack of Microsoft to the Open Source
Software movement, the organizers of Linux@work Europe, LogOn
Technology Transfer, decided to change the original title of the
two panel discussions “Linux in the Public Administration” to be
held at Linux@work Oslo, May 9 and Stockholm, May 10 to: “Is Open Source Software threatening intellectual property?””The panels with new focus will address the following questions:


What is the difference between GPL and Microsoft Shared
Source strategy?

Does Open Source creates security risks?

Does Open Souce creates software instability?

Panelists will include:
Robert J Chassel, Founding Director of the Free Software
Foundation, and representatives from Borland, Compaq,
Datarespons, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus Development, Novell,
Peregrine Systems, and SGI.

Linux@work Oslo will be held on May 9

Linux@work Stockholm will be held on May 10