Open Source solutions for Computer Rendering

Bruno Patatas writes “ViaRender Systems is a Company devoted to provide Open Source Solutions for Computer Rendering.
Nowadays, professional CG is demanding top quality in the product ( motion-picture, illustration, etc ) final result.
ViaRender Systems provides rendering and shaders creation software capable to handle the quality that professional studios and single users are requesting.
All our software is Open Source licensed under GNU General Public License.

Muse is our main software. It’s a RenderMan compliant software rendering system created to produce high quality imagery for illustration, animation, film and other demanding applications. With the first release Muse will offer all the requirements that CG professionals demand today, while offering a good image quality/speed ratio necessary for a high-end rendering system, and at the same time predicting the features that will be demanded in the near future.

Our development process takes place at our Intranet project management system. As soon we get a stable version of our software products, they become available worldwide through Sourceforge. The Source Code and the final Product are released at the same time.

Services Provided:

Our offer consists of two major family of services:

Development of Open Source software for Computer Rendering and
Development and Administration of websites related with Computer Rendering.

Breaking Frontiers

Integrated at nVidia’s Gelato Developers Program we are developing SAT ( Shader Artisan Toolkit ). Although as the name says will be a toolkit, the most important software product will be Lara, a shader authoring tool.
With Lara you will be able to develop shaders by visual means, and then export them as RSL ( for RenderMan ) or as GSL ( nVidia’s Gelato ).”