August 29, 2016

Open Source Windows May Not Be that Big a Long Shot After All

Here’s a burning question for the tech universe: Could Microsoft, which built its Windows cash cow on proprietary or closed-source software, reverse course and open-source Windows itself?  Maybe not, although the very notion would have been unthinkable not too long ago. But it is now on the table considering all the things Microsoft  MSFT 0.72%  has done over the past few years to embrace the open-source community.

The most recent example is last week’s news that the company is open-sourcing its PowerShell tool that helps developers manage Windows applications. Two years ago, it open-sourced the core elements of its .Net framework which is basic building blocks for software developers. This GitHub site lists all Microsoft’s open-source projects.

Open source proponents say mounting evidence, including the fact that the Windows desktop operating system accounts for a dwindling piece of the Microsoft’s overall revenue may make an open-source decision more palatable for Microsoft  MSFT 0.72% .

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