December 26, 2003

Open Source World Conference 2004, Malaga (Spain)

M.A. Martin writes
"Open Source World Conference 2004, Feb. 18th-20th, Malaga (Spain).

International forum for presentation and discussion of technical issues, applications and business cases on open source.

The topics will include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

· Technical Issues: Operating systems, network applications, databases, ERP, Internet tools, proprietary tools, security, connectivity, network management, content management, mobile devices, quality procedures, etc...

· Sectorial Applications: E-Inclusion, e-Government, Health, Developing countries, Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial Applications, Use of open source in Public Administration, Education, etc.

· and Market Issues: Business Models, Service Providers, Case Studies, Technical Support, New Developments, Legal Aspects, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), etc.

C4P: before January 10th

Open Source World Conference 2004"



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