November 6, 2009

Open Source You Can Use, November Edition

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November 6, 2009, 8:20 am

In this edition: two ways to browse the web, and one great way to find everything scattered across all your storage media. Read on.

First, a blast from the past. To be honest, I thought Mozilla's SeaMonkey was a dead project, long since eclipsed by the one-two punch of Firefox and Thunderbird. Turns out it's been very quietly under wraps for a long time now, and has finally reached a 2.0 release (PortableApps version). Fans of the suite claim it's an all-in-one alternative to multiple "bloated" projects, but at this point I suspect the differences between running two relatively lightweight programs vs. running one is not as major as it used to be. What I'm most curious about is not the browser or email client, but the HTML editor. Nice to have something lightweight, powerful and standards-compliant apart from the desperately-underdeveloped KompoZer/Nvu (KompoZer's still being developed, but Nvu -- its original version -- doesn't even have a working website anymore)...

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