September 30, 2014

Open Sourcing Automation Tools for Testing Linux Images on Microsoft Azure

Posted by Michael Kelley
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Open Source Technology Center

Microsoft has participated in the Linux community for several years now, contributing drivers for Hyper-V to the Linux kernel source code base, and then working with Linux distribution partners to incorporate those drivers into their distros. We’ve had great results in running a variety of Linux distros as a guest OS on Hyper-V and as a VM in Microsoft Azure, and our collaboration with SUSE has been a foundation for this work for many years.

Now we’re taking it a step further and open sourcing our test automation tools in a GitHub project, making it easy to validate Linux images for running in Azure. As noted in a recent blog post by SUSE, these test automation tools are Powershell, Python, and BASH scripts that allow Linux images to be tested for compatibility with Azure. 

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