July 9, 2015

Open Sourcing the Census Project

The Census  Project, developed by David Wheeler and Samir Khakimov of the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), goes live today! CII co-funded the Census Project to automate analysis on a large number of open source projects to come up with a quick way to prioritize which projects to look at more closely. The Census Project calculates a "risk score" based on a number of metrics about the project, some of which are relatively static (language, website, network access) and some of which change over time (contributor count and popularity). 

The results are fascinating.The Census Project is very, very good at identifying projects which are still widely popular, but which are hardly maintained. This is the sweet spot for the Core Infrastructure Initiative to look into to try to identify lurking issues and help find a way to fix them before they become problems for our core infrastructure.

Read more at Core Infrastructure Initiative Blog.

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