Open vSwitch (OVS) Becomes a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project


The Open vSwitch (OVS) open-source networking effort is officially joining the Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Project roster today. While OVS is new as a Linux Foundation project, it’s no stranger to Linux. OVS first became part of Linux in 2012 with the debut of the Linux 3.3 kernel release.

As to why OVS is now becoming a Linux Foundation project, it all has to do with community. To date, VMware has been the leading contributor of OVS, though other multiple vendors do contribute and the governance model is open.

“Moving to the Linux Foundation makes it really clear that OVS is a community project,” Ben Pfaff, VMware Principal Engineer and OVS Leader told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Additionally Pfaff noted that with the move OVS will now benefit from ancillary services provided by the Linux Foundation including conference event management.

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