March 2, 2002

OpenAG X 1.0 released

Author: JT Smith

"I would like to announce the release of OpenAG X 1.0 Final. OpenAG X is a client for the Audiogalaxy file sharing system. OpenAG boasts a long list of features, including the essential: sending and receiving of shares, 10 simultaneous downloads, and full 255 character file names. OpenAG has many additional features including advanced connection control, in bandwidth limits, preliminary firewall support, and many others. OpenAG X 1.0 is major update including better support for file recognition, a total UI overhaul, and a massive source code redesign. All current users are encouraged to upgrade. Those looking for the fastest way to download music from the internet should definitely consider OpenAG. I have included below the change list for your review (read more for this list):

Eric Seidel

OpenAG X 1.0 (cvs 1.27)
- OpenAG X 1.0 was released today for entry to the Apple Student design
awards. 1.0 was therefore rushed, but is here regardless.

* Connection Changes:
- Integrated libMP3Info into the project, correcting bitrate, songlength and ID3 tag problems.
- OpenAG is now completely compliant with all newer Audiogalaxy servers.
- All shares which OpenAG sends are now properly identified by the Audiogalaxy servers.
- Added option to specify your IP address to allow OpenAG to work behind certain NAT devices/Firewalls and routers.
* UserInterface Changes:
- Total UI overhaul.
- Added toolbar to the main transfers window, with a plethera of icons!
- Added send/recieve images to transfers display.
- Fixed minor display issue with the search field.
- Added dock-menu support with active connection display.
- Made splash screen click-away, instead of close box dependent.
- README and issues files are now inside the application bundle and viewable from within the application.
- Status display is no longer cut-off.
- Fixed a bad link to the account creation page.
- Removed viewing of Resume Database
- Fixed rare crash when recording to the ErrorLog.
- Error log messages are now better formated.
* General Code Changes:
- Completely re-organized OS X specific source code to make more human readable and better designed.
- Downloading to a separate physical drive now works properly.
- Downloading shares with special symbols such as é or ê now works properly.
- Now handles non-existant paths better.
- Fixed a rare memory leak in Resumes database structure.
- Database Files have been moved to ~/Library/Application Support/OpenAG/ (Now multiuser aware!)
- Shared Directories now defaults to "~/Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music Libary/" with subdirectories shared.
- Temporary Download directory is no longer modifiable from within the App and defaults to "~/Libary/Caches/OpenAG/"
- OpenAG is now fully multi-user ready!
See issues file for even more!

OpenAG/OpenAG X Homepage:
OpenAGs Project Page:
OpenAGs Announce-list
OpenAGs Testers-list"

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