March 27, 2004

OpenBSD Halts Port to Pegasos

Anonymous Reader writes "Theo de Raadt, the OpenBSD founder, said: 'I urge everyone to spread the news far and wide that the Pegasos powerpc platform vendor... is quite simply, a con-artist company' and 'at this point, I would recommend against anyone buying a piece of hardware from the Pegasos people because their firmware is SO BUSTED that it makes Apple roms look like hot sh**"'. Theo was speaking about the removal of the OpenBSD code corresponding to the Pegasos port that was under way the last few months. Apparently Genesi not only undermined partner companies that worked on the port with sabotage (placing "logic bombs within the code") but also did not pay OpenBSD's Dale Rahn for his porting work after they hired him to do so. More about the whole fiasco here."



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