October 14, 2002

Openchallenge 2|2002 winner announced

Jussi Kallioniemi writes: "Openchallenge.org today announced the winner of the Openchallenge 2 | 2002: A DVD artist/title programmer for Pioneer DVF07, programmed by Jason Hihn. The program hooks into the computer interface port of the device, scans the disks, gets the data from the internet (freedb.org) and programs the player for you. Although the program was written for win32 (c++) only the GUI is not portable. The program is licensed under GPL.

"Our decision to select Jason Hihn's DVD title programmer was based on these considerations: 1) This program uses a practical approach to make a task quicker and simpler 2) there does not seem to be an affordable commercial solution to do the same 3) this program could be used as a starting point for creating a more generic solution: for example Jason stated that: "There is an 'S-Link' protocol that Sony uses. It should be easy to be able to switch to that, so it could support Sony and Pioneer players. The program is written with cross-platform capability in mind. So even though it's a Windows program, any Linux coder can pick it up and in 10 minutes be talking to their device. It'll take a little more time to put a graphical user interface on it if one is wanted." In short, we wanted to channel attention to this project and maybe contribute to launching of a generic open source DVD player programmer project."

About Openchallenge:Openchallenge.org calls programmers to publish their "spare-time code" for everyones pleasure and challenges organisations to seek an answer to their information technology related problems by using open source methods. Openchallenge is a catalyst for materializing creativity and for channeling open source potential into tackling real world problems and doing public good. By delivering quarterly awards to two selected contributors we wish to encourage individuals into materializing and publishing the results of their creativity under open source license and principles. -> release your ( code || design || concept || idea || kludge )


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