October 24, 2000

openCOLA releases current build

Author: JT Smith

As a challenge to the Open Source community, openCOLA has released the current build of openCOLA, the protocol, a collaborative computing application. While the code is in an early stage, it is quite well annotated. openCOLA is an autonomous and collaborative agent that collects, analyzes, and delivers dynamic content. Inputs can be set to cull the Web, Usenet, your e-mail, and other Internet information resources. Outputs can be set to post relevant results to the Web, Wireless devices, and PDAs, among others. openCOLA is an Open Source development shop working in the area of distributed computing and peer-to-peer exchange with offices in San Francisco and Toronto. Note: for hard-core developers only. Download now from www.opencola.com.

-- Submitted by openCOLA

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