October 8, 2002

OPENCREATORS - opensource inventing

An anonymous coward writes: "I'd like to present a project that started a few weeks ago: http://www.OPENCREATORS.org.

The opencreators project is a platform for hobby inventors, engineers, creatives and designers who have got ideas, ideas, ideas.

The goal of this project is to merge many small but creative ideas to one or some construction projects that can just be studies or grow to real products.

The most important condition to create good or totally new things is fun.
I hope that this project will help to make inventions "funnier"...

All projects & ideas are free for everyone, there are no patents or laws - like open-source software. So feel free to check out that site and register !

Maybe open-source inventions can succeed like open-source software...

Claudius Wilhelms, project leader"

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