OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Daniel Farrell


The OpenDaylight community is comprised of leading technologists from around the globe who are working together to transform networking with open source. This blog series highlights the developers, users and researchers collaborating within OpenDaylight to build an open, common platform for SDN and NFV.

Daniel FarrellAbout Daniel Farrell

Daniel Farrell is a Software Engineer, recently upgraded from an intern, on Red Hat’s SDN Team. He has been working on SDN-related projects since he entered the industry, which was right as SDN started to pick up speed. From a non-technical perspective, Daniel enjoys craft beer, biking, SCUBA diving and travel.

Which project in OpenDaylight are you working on? Any new developments to share?

I’m a committer on the OpenDaylight Integration Team, so that’s where the majority of my effort goes. In Helium I mostly did performance work as a co-lead of the Performance and Tools sub-team, including creating WCBench.

Since the Lithium release cycle started I’ve been on a packaging and deployment binge. So far I’ve built a base OpenDaylight Docker image, an OpenDaylight RPM and an OpenDaylight Puppet module (all still under development, patches welcome!). My change from performance to deployment was driven by demand from users who want to consume OpenDaylight in repeatable, automated ways. For example, I’m currently working closely with upstream OpenStack folks to help OPNFV consume OpenDaylight+OpenStack for their reference architecture.


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