OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: David Jorm


The OpenDaylight community is comprised of leading technologists from around the globe who are working together to transform networking with open source. This blog series highlights the developers, users and researchers collaborating within OpenDaylight to build an open, common platform for SDN and NFV.

David JormAbout David Jorm

David is a product security engineer based in Brisbane, Australia. He currently leads product security efforts for IIX, a software-defined interconnection company. David has been involved in the security industry for the last 15 years. During this time he has found high-impact and novel flaws in dozens of major Java components. He has worked for Red Hat’s security team, led a Chinese startup that failed miserably, and wrote the core aviation meteorology system for the southern hemisphere. In his spare time he tries to stop his two Dachshunds from taking over the house.

What projects in OpenDaylight are you working on? Any new developments to share?

I’m currently primarily working on security efforts across all OpenDaylight projects. We’ve now got a strong security response team up and running and the next step is to implement a proactive secure engineering program. This program will aim to reduce the number of security issues in OpenDaylight releases and to aid end users with documentation around security configuration and best practices. If any students are interested in contributing to this effort, I’m proposing an OpenDaylight summer internship project:


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