March 17, 2014

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Madhusudhan Ananderi Kandadai

OpenDaylight is an active community of developers who are passionate about transforming networking. This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of SDN and NFV.

I am pursuing my Masters in Telecommunication and Systems Management at Northeastern University, Boston and will graduate in December 2014. I am currently interning with Ericsson, San Jose and a member of the OpenDaylight integration team that designs and implements test cases, and manages work activities in collaboration with different vendors. I work closely with highly experienced and talented world-class engineers.

My areas of interest are Data Networking (Protocol stacks), IP Telephony (VoIP/IMS), Telecom Architecture, Cloud Computing and SDN. I am very much focused on understanding the user’s needs, and to provide solutions to solve problems, improve product quality and increase productivity in the workplace.

Any new developments to share from the integration team?
I mainly focus on OpenFlow 1.3 plugin testing, writing test cases for base Network Service Functions (NSF). This applies to OpenDaylight Base Edition distribution.

NSF includes the following components:

  • Topology Manager – Builds network topology
  • Switch Manager – Handles Southbound devices
  • Statistics Manager – Collects statistics information like flows, ports, table stats
  • Forwarding Rules Manager – Installs flows on Southbound devices
  • Host Tracker – Tracks the location of connected hosts
  • Forwarding Manager – Installs route and track the next hop
  • ARP Handler – Handles ARP messages according to the subnet network configuration

I think this testing is important, because it paves the way for good quality OpenDaylight deliverables. We do both manual and automation testing and the information can be found here. This link is best for someone who likes to understand test cases in detail.


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