OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Marcus Williams


The OpenDaylight community is comprised of leading technologists from around the globe who are working together to transform networking with open source. This blog series highlights the developers, users and researchers collaborating within OpenDaylight to build an open, common platform for SDN and NFV.

Marcus Williams_Intel_OpenDaylightAbout Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is a Network Software Engineer working on Intel’s OpenDaylight Team. He began his career at Intel working on open source Fibre Channel over Ethernet solutions supporting Intel 10Gbe Networking Cards. During this time, he managed external relationships with SUSE and Red Hat regarding new feature inclusion and bug fixes for Open FCoE, Open LLDP and Intel Storage Drivers. Marcus dabbles in gardening, loves to cook and is an avid soccer fan supporting the Portland Timbers and Everton.

What projects in OpenDaylight are you working on? Any new developments to share?

I’m currently working in the Integration project, Open Virtual Switch Database (OVSDB) project and on a bug that impacts OpenFlow Plugin project. My work in the Integration project centers on creating tests that measure OpenDaylight performance and scalability. I plan to add these tests to the OpenDaylight continuous integration work to enable automatic testing of nightly and weekly builds. In OVSDB, I’m part of a team of engineers working on migrating OVSDB plugin from the deprecated API-Driven Service Abstraction Layer to the Model-Driven Service Abstraction Layer. My portion revolves around the tunnel overlay functionality of the southbound implementation. In the past I contributed a multitude of unit tests to both Service Function Chaining and the OVSDB project.



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