December 3, 2013

OpenDaylight Developer Spotlight: Su-Hun Yun

Su-Hun Yun

OpenDaylight is an open source project and open to all. Developers can contribute at the individual level just like any other open source project. This blog series highlights the people who are collaborating to create the future of Software Defined-Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Su-Hun Yun is a Senior Manager at NEC Corporation of America and leads business development for NEC’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) products and creating an OpenFlow-based SDN ecosystem. As a member of the original team working on the NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite product line, he was instrumental in launching the world’s first production-ready SDN product in 2011. He also has more than 20 years of experience in carrier and enterprise networking.

How did you get involved with OpenDaylight? What is your background?

I have been involved in OpenDaylight from the founding phase, and have been active in OpenFlow since 2009, when I started the OpenFlow controller project in NEC. NEC has been a supporter of SDN research at Stanford from the beginning and has been a leader in the development of OpenFlow and in the SDN industry itself, shipping the first generally available SDN product, ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite, in May of 2011.    

I recognize the need to have an open source community for development of the SDN controller because of customers’ concerns regarding vendor lock-in and closed solutions. This support of open source is one of the reasons NEC became a founding member of the OpenDaylight community.

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