September 30, 2013

OpenDaylight Mini-Summit at CloudOpen North America Recap

Presenters at the first OpenDaylight Mini-Summit in New Orleans offered a first glimpse of the SDN platform architecture and the benefits it will provide in enterprise, cloud and service provider environments. Developers were in the booth giving live demos and we got great questions and feedback from attendees. Developers also appeared on the Cloudcast podcast talking about OpenDaylight and the SDN evolution, and Enterprise Networking Planet recapped the panel discussion asking: Is the Future of OpenDaylight about Applications?

Our recaps are below along with links to videos captured at the event:

On the Clouds, Virtualization and SDN Panel, networking experts from OpenStack and CloudStack discussed pressing problems in virtual networking such as the inability to provide customized connectivity between two virtual LANs within the cloud environment, as current methods don’t scale and are fragile. Another key challenge is the inability to rapidly deploy and connect services (e.g. database, load balancing) so that full horizontal scaling can occur as demand within the cloud fluctuates. Full video >>


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