OpenDaylight Summit Keynote Spotlight: Christos Kolias


The promise of software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) to alleviate complexity and improve agility is achievable and has already been deployed in many cases, but there are still challenges to overcome for SDN and NFV to become ubiquitous. So how do we get there?

Ask Christos Kolias, senior research scientist at Orange Silicon Valley. He’ll have a keynote at the OpenDaylight Summit in Santa Clara, February 4-5, on how NFV envisions and promises to change the service provider landscape and how we can simplify life with standards.  

Can you give us a preview of your talk? Where does SDN/NFV go from here?
My talk will cover two main areas: firstly, the things we have accomplished thus far within the NFV ETSI ISG and the ongoing work with respect to achieving our set objectives and our live vision what should come next, Secondly, I will talk about some of the exciting work and Proofs-of-Concept (PoCs), that we are focusing and working on within Orange. Orange is a global service provider and operator offering a wide spectrum of services, ranging from mobile to online content/IPTV and cloud services, thus there are a lot of areas of potential benefit. I will conclude with some rather random, if not radical, thoughts about the future, but for this one you will have to attend my talk!

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