July 30, 2003

Opening doors to a Linux world

Maria C. Winslow, 37, started her Raleigh business, Open Source Migrations (the Web site is www.windows-linux.com) last year when she saw that
open-source software -- Linux and related software applications -- had matured to the point that it could offer a viable, money-saving option to
cash-strapped organizations and businesses. Winslow, a programmer by training, works with a team of contractors who act as consultants to customers
interested in making the switch to open source -- which is cheap, even free -- software. Connect's Christina Dyrness talked to Winslow, who lives in
Chapel Hill with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Zoe, about the challenges of her businesses and the changing perceptions of open-source
software. What follows is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Link: newsobserver.com

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