May 11, 2004

OpenLab Community Edition Released.

Anonymous Reader writes "Yesterday, 10th May 2004, DireqLearn released the community edition of our OpenLabdistribution. We create systems and software for education, and OpenLabforms the basis of a lot of our work. It is currently in use in manyschools in Nigeria and Namibia, where it is the system for the largestnon-Microsoft school lab roll-out in African history: over 200 schools.The way we see it, the Free and Open Source communities gave us thetools we use to do what we do in education. This edition is our giftback to these communities. If you are interested, please see (ourcorporate site) and (the community site forthe distribution).The downloads section is currently being mirrored to several places, afew is up already, and more will be coming up over the course of thenext few days. The system is also available on the GNUtella network, andbittorrents are in progress. You can also order disk sets, services and add-on products fromDireqLearn should you be so inclined."


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