October 10, 2006

OpenLibraries Offers Toolkit

Artisans Public Relations writes "The Jahshaka Project (www.jahshaka.org) today announces the availability of the OpenLibraries 0.3.0 (www.openlibraries.org), a powerful, cross-platform set of C++ libraries that provide developers with key components to create, test and deploy rich media applications. Currently in pre-alpha phase, the OpenLibraries support Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems, and are licensed under the GNU LGPL agreement.

The OpenLibraries were created to support the Jahshaka Project, a collaborative effort to develop an open source, real-time editing and visual effects application, by providing it with a solid, multimedia framework. The libraries have a unified plugin architecture and can be used for the development of nonlinear editing applications, 2D and 3D compositing applications, 2D and 3D players, and image processing applications. Core modules comprise asset management, image management, 3D object management, media management, image processing, network management and plugin development.

“OpenLibraries offers a core set of libraries and an asset system that is easy to use,” said Gonçalo de Carvalho, Lead Developer of Open Libraries. “Although it is new technology, the architecture has been established for nearly two years and was developed from the start as open source.”

The alpha version includes working implementations of the libraries’ object, media and image modules. Additionally, the libraries’ plugin module features a stable architecture for feature abstraction and development. Other key features include support for high-dynamic range images and 3D. The media module includes support for media and image sequence playback, with and without cache.

OpenLibraries is the technology behind a professional-quality player called Jahplayer. “Our goal is to create a set of libraries with a totally free architecture,” said Gonçalo de Carvalho, lead developer of OpenLibraries. “It will ultimately be a robust, professional-grade, full-featured, open-source toolkit rivaling anything that is available commercially.”

Please visit www.openlibraries for more information and to download the binaries. Please visit www.jahshaka.org for Jahshaka and Jahplayer, which are built on the libraries.

OpenLibraries Features

General features

· Same feature set across Linux, Windows and OSX

· Cross-platform timer support

Plugin API

· Unified plugin interface across all libraries

· Plugins are loaded on demand

· Plugins meta-description in XML (merit of each plugin is user-based)

· Global registry for plugins.

· Query-based plugin discovery (sort by type, merit, mime type)

Media Support

· Color conversions from YCbCr spaces to RGB (GPU and CPU-based)

· Deinterlacing support (GPU and CPU-based)

· Tone map conversion

Image support

· Video-aware image class

· Image format support (makes available of existing OS libraries,
e.g. GdiPlus or QuickTime). TGA, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, DDS, SGI, QuickTime.

· RLE encoding aware when needed

· HDR image support (ILM's OpenEXR and Greg Wards HDR)

· Image sequence support with caching

· Histograms (GPU and CPU-based)

Video Support

· Support for video and audio (MPG, AVI, MOV, MP3 and others)

· Several media players available to demonstrate existing functionality.

3d support

· 3D format support (X3D, OBJ, 3DS, TSTO, COLLADA)

· Scene graph API with GLSL support

· Initial fixed function pipeline appearance converters to GLSL or Cg

Asset managment

· Video and audio catagorization

· Media library"

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