May 16, 2006

OpenLogic adds Geronimo 1.1 to Library

Sharon Smith writes "OpenLogic To Add Geronimo 1.1 to the OpenLogic Certified Open Source Library, Partners with Virtuas for Geronimo Support within OpenLogic Expert Community.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. May 15, 2006 –OpenLogic, Inc., a leading provider of software, stacks and services that enable enterprises to easily deploy and manage customized open source environments, today announced that Geronimo 1.1 will be added to the OpenLogic certified open source library. In addition, OpenLogic has reached a partnership agreement with Virtuas Open Source Solutions for Geronimo Support Services whereby Virtuas has been added to the OpenLogic Expert Community as an Expert Partner.

Virtuas, a premier enterprise open source software knowledge enablement organization, provides support and enablement services for Apache Geronimo through Virtuas’ Geronimo Practice led by Jeff Genender. Genender is an Apache Geronimo Project Management Committee (PMC) member, and provides leadership with the direction of the project. Jeff oversees all activities, content, and consulting activities around Virtuas’ Geronimo practice.

“Virtuas is excited about our partnership with OpenLogic and about the recent launch of the OpenLogic Expert Community,” said Phil Robinson, Vice President Global Alliances for Virtuas. “And we believe the inclusion of Geronimo 1.1 into the OpenLogic Certified Open Source Library is just one more example of the enterprise-readiness of Apache Geronimo.”

OpenLogic will add Geronimo 1.1 to its certified library of over 150 open source solutions that are delivered with OpenLogic Enterprise, a technology platform that enables enterprises to manage open source in the enterprise.

“We are continually adding new open source products to our platform,” said Rod Cope, CTO and Founder of OpenLogic. “With the launch of Geronimo 1.1, there will be greater choice for enterprises in selecting J2EE servers.”

The OpenLogic Expert Community, launched last week, is a new model where OpenLogic pays qualified experts within the open source development community to provide in-depth support for open source products. By joining the OpenLogic Expert Community as an Expert Partner, Virtuas will handle all tier 3 and tier 4 support requests for Geronimo as well as providing support other open source software products and projects.

To qualify as a member of the OpenLogic Expert Community, individuals or expert partners must have “committer” status (enabling them to update source code for an open source product) or must be referred by a committer for one of the open source products supported and certified by OpenLogic. Interested open source and developers can visit for more information.

OpenLogic currently offers enterprise support for more than 150 certified open source products - providing a single point of contact for enterprise open source issues. OpenLogic handles tier 1 and tier 2 support, while tapping the OpenLogic Expert Community for help in resolving more complex issues.

"Virtuas, and The Apache Geronimo Practice headed by Jeff, are great, experienced additions to the OpenLogic Expert Community,” said Stormy Peters, Director of Product Management of OpenLogic. “We’re excited to have them join as an Expert Partner.”

About The Apache Geronimo Project
The Apache Geronimo project, housed at, is the J2EE server project of the Apache Software Foundation. The aim of the Apache Geronimo project is to produce a large and healthy community of J2EE developers tasked with the development of an open source, certified J2EE server that is licensed under the Apache License, passes Sun Microsystems’ TCK for J2EE 1.4, and reuses the best Apache-licensed code available today.

About Virtuas
Founded in 1999, Virtuas is an open source professional services organization providing solutions for the Global 2000. Working together with an unparalleled group of Practice Leaders in the key areas of open source software, Virtuas provides business and IT leadership the confidence and support necessary for enterprise success.

About OpenLogic
OpenLogic is a leading provider of software, stacks and services that enable enterprises to easily customize, deploy and manage commercial-grade open source environments. OpenLogic’s software automates the integration and deployment of any combination of 150 pre-certified open source packages along with proprietary or commercial solutions. The OpenLogic solution also mitigates open source legal risks by enabling companies to manage and enforce open source policies. OpenLogic’s technical support and update services give enterprises the commercial-grade reliability they demand. OpenLogic is currently used by 700 customers worldwide. For more on OpenLogic, go to


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