August 4, 2002

openMosix 2.4.19 released

Bruce Knox, openMosix Project writes: "Tel Aviv, Israel (August 4, 2002 6am) - The openMosix Project has announced the port of openMosix to version 2.4.19 has been released.

Other changes include:
Adding Robert Love's memory-overcommit protection patch, making openMosix much more stable because now a single node can no longer over-commit memory. Significantly improved balancer to yield much higher throughput.
Reduced kernel latencies further.
Fixed several bugs in oMFS and load balancer.
DFSA is now turned on when oMFS is selected.
RPMs made more universal.
Auto-discovery added,/etc/ no longer needed (user-space tools v.0.2.4). New implementation of tune (user-space tools v.0.2.4).

RPMs and Source can be downloaded from the SF files section."


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