December 1, 2003

openMosix 2.4.22-2 Released

Bruce Knox, openMosix Project writes "Cupertino (November 30, 2003) - The openMosix Project has announced the release of openMosix version 2.4.22-2 and Userspace Tools 0.3.5.

This openMosix 2.4.22-2 release includes the fix for oMFS problems on tmpfs by Vincent Hanquez.

openMosix kernel patch ChangeLog: eased XFS integration, sync'd with 2.6; changed __u64 to uint64_t on memory structure; fixed mlock reason to stay if syscall failed; fixed oMFS bug; fixed CONFIG_MOSIX_NO_OOM; fixed preprocessor directive in driver/scsi/; fixed fpu crash; and fixed big memory information.

Userspace Tools v0.3.5 release includes improvements to mps and mtop, plus the new ompsinfo by Moreno Baricevic and many fixes from our user community.

Please note that this Userspace Tools version is needed with the 2.4.22-2 kernel patch.

Userspace Tools ChangeLog: bug fixes/improvements to mps/mtop, updated manpages (Moreno Baricevic); added handling for more oM files to mps (Moreno Baricevic); added "nmigs" info to mtop (Moreno Baricevic); added the new ompsinfo command plus man page (Moreno Baricevic); fixed a compile issue with regard to 2.4.22-2 (Vincent Hanquez); fixed path to mosrun in mosrun/*.sh input scripts (Vance Morgan & D. Aaron Freed); added a --with-mosrundir option with a default of/bin (Peter Willis); and fixed an install path issue in scripts/ (Peter Willis).

RPMs and Source can be downloaded from the files section of our website.

The 2.4.22-2/0.3.5 releases are the preferred versions for most users.

openMosix Project

openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image (SSI) clustering that allows building a cluster from ordinary networked computers. Applications benefit without modification specifically for openMosix."

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