December 15, 2004

openMosix 2.4.26-1 Released

Bruce Knox writes "Cupertino (December 13, 2004) - The openMosix Project has announced the release of openMosix version 2.4.26-1.

This is the Port to Linux 2.4.26. oMFS (openMosix File System) has been removed as of this release.

Userspace Tools 0.3.6-2 should be used with this openMosix Kernel patch.

RPMs and Source can be downloaded from the files section of our website.

The 2.4.26-1 release is the preferred version for most users.
CVS files and RPMs are available now.

openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image (SSI) clustering that allows building a cluster from ordinary networked computers. Applications benefit without modification specifically for openMosix."

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