November 30, 2005

OpenMotif 2.3 Beta Now Available for Linux

Amy Zinkann writes "Bedford, Mass. - November 29, 2005 - The beta release of OpenMotif 2.3, the most significant version of OpenMotif since it was released to the open source community in May 2000, was announced today by the OpenMotif Project Team. OpenMotif 2.3 includes major feature enhancements and over 25 bug fixes requested by developers of enterprise applications. OpenMotif is the publicly licensed version of Motif, the industry standard user interface toolkit for UNIX systems provided on more than 200 hardware and software platforms including HP, IBM, Sun, SGI, and Linux (Red Hat and Novell SUSE). This latest improvement to OpenMotif is a testament to the open source development process that a worldwide team of developers continues to leverage in order to provide the Motif community with the most current tools.

"ICS is the proud sponsor of the OpenMotif Project Team because our customers demand the most current GUI development tools which are only possible if Motif continues to evolve," said Peter Winston, President and CEO of Integrated Computer Solutions. "This new release of OpenMotif and planned future releases assure that OpenMotif will continue to meet the foremost needs of this sophisticated group of developers."

High-profile open source development groups such as MySQL and The Apache Software Foundation have demonstrated to a wide audience that open, collaborative development projects can and do play a major role in the high-tech infrastructure. OpenMotif is an often overlooked open source initiative that is literally running thousands of mission-critical applications such as the MBTA subway system in Boston, NASA Mission Control systems, FAA air traffic control systems, and innumerable homeland security and USA defense applications.

ICS hosts the official development tree for OpenMotif at

New Feature Highlights
OpenMotif 2.3 has many new features, including:

  • Client-side anti-aliased fonts supported via XFT
  • UTF-8 and UTF8_STRING atom support
  • Ability to show text and pixmaps in Label, LabelGadget, and all derived widgets
  • Support of PNG and JPEG image formats in the same way as XPM is supported

The full list of feature enhancements and bug fixes is available at

To obtain a beta copy of OpenMotif 2.3, visit

About Motif
Motif is the industry standard graphical user interface toolkit (IEEE 1295). It is used on more than 200 hardware and software platforms including HP, IBM, Sun, SGI, and Linux (Red Hat and Novell SUSE). It provides application developers, end users, and system integrators with the industry's most widely used environment for multi-platform graphical applications. Motif is the leading user interface toolkit for the UNIX based operating system.

Commercial Motif is the release of OpenMotif for traditional UNIX workstations such as those offered by Sun, SGI, IBM, and HP. ICS offers Commercial Motif to maintain compatibility with OpenMotif.

About Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) of Bedford, MA, was founded in 1987 and is the world's leading provider of advanced visual development tools and professional services for UNIX and Linux professionals. ICS' BX PRO and UIM/X families of GUI builders have been long recognized as the software of choice for visually creating mission-critical, high-performance Motif applications.

ICS is the sponsor of the OpenMotif Project Team and hosts the MotifZone, the official website for the OpenMotif development project, at

UNIX, Motif, and the X Window System are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Open Group in the US and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB. Trolltech and Qt are registered trademarks of Trolltech AS. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners."


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