April 22, 2004

OpenOffice.org School Mascot Competition

Guest writes "OpenOffice.org School Mascot Competition Winner Announced

April 22, 2004 - The recently established Schools Project of
OpenOffice.org (OOoEdu) has a new mascot. The happy winner is Andrea
Maggioni, whose cheerful drawing, of a fun-looking seagull holding a
fish, plays on the "OOo" shorthand of OpenOffice.org and was chosen
democratically out of dozens of submissions by students throughout the

According to Ian Lynch, Schools Project lead, "Andrea's contribution is
not only beautiful and effective but also illustrates the potential of
young people to contribute importantly to real projects under the banner
of Free and Open Source Software. The idea is to learn by working
together on projects such as OpenOffice.org whose license allows free
collaboration across borders and between schools. We invite all
educators and students to consider involving themselves in OpenOffice.org."

Andrea receives a great prize of a web-hosting service for one year, 200
Mb of web space on a Linux server, with 50 IMAP/POP3 mailboxes
(protected from virus and spam), unlimited aliases, one IP address,
PHP/MySQL/PostGreSQL support, and the registration of an.it.com.net
or.org domain name. The prize is donated by E4A, a Free Software based
ISP that supports the OpenOffice.org community.

To read what the winner has to say, see the OpenOffice.org Schools
Project for an interview with Andrea conducted and translated from the
Italian by longtime OpenOffice.org contributor Gianluca Turconi, and
member of the Italian Native-Language Project.

About OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice.org is both an open-source project and product. It is free.
As one of the leading open-source projects, OpenOffice.org combines the
worldwide efforts of developers and endusers to produce a complete
office productivity suite that runs on all major platforms and in over
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About E4A

E4A s.r.l. is an Italian ISP, focused on high quality Internet services
(web hosting, housing, co-location, dial up, xDSL and dedicated Internet
access) and networking, for both business and consumer market. E4A works
entirely on Free Software and supports OpenOffice.org


OOoEdu Mascot http://www.openoffice.org/branding/images/oooedu-m ascot.jpg
OpenOffice.org Schools Project
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OpenOffice.org http://www.openoffice.org/
E4A s.r.l. http://www.e4a.it/

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OpenOffice.org Schools Project Lead

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OpenOffice.org Marketing Project Lead
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