December 29, 2009

Is a Threat? Microsoft Thinks So

Article Source¬â ComputerWorld UK¬â 
One of the unusual aspects of open source is the fact that the software development philosophy spills over into the way that the project is run. This means that how and why things are done, and by whom, is plain for all to see. Contrast that with Microsoft's approach, which mimics the black box of its software: mostly, all we ever get to view are the results, and rarely the cogs and gears behind those results.
Sometimes, though, some apparently obscure document grants us a rare insight into what is happening deep in the bowels of the Microsoft machine. Here's an example, a delightfully jargon-ridden job advertisement for the âÃúLinux and Open Office Compete Lead, US Subsidiary (CSI Lead)...âÃù
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