OpenPKG Enterprise 1 for Business Customers

Ralf S. Engelschall writes “Right on time to the completion of its first year in existence, the
OpenPKG GmbH complements the
established OpenPKG Community product series with the premium product
OpenPKG Enterprise 1,
a software toolkit which is specifically tailored to the needs of
business customers and their professional Unix server solutions.
OpenPKG Enterprise 1 especially provides fully backward-compatible
security updates for third-party Open-Source software based on back-ported
security fixes

Since six years, the cross-platform multiple-instance Unix
software packaging toolkit OpenPKG is proven in the datacenter
environment and unleashes noticeable cost savings in the areas
of system administration and hardware. OpenPKG provides over thousand software
which transform the knowledge of leading experts into a
technically reproducible form to create rock-solid Unix server solutions
easily. Supported are all common hardware architectures with ix86, AMD64
und SPARC processors and Unix derivates including FreeBSD, GNU/Linux
distributions und Sun Solaris.

OpenPKG Enterprise 1 is publically
for unrestricted and painless



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