July 30, 2001

OpenProjects.net development platform launches improved service

Author: JT Smith

OpenProjects.net, an IRC network intended to facilitate the free exchange of information and ideas, and to provide a platform for the development of Open Source projects, has launched a new set of services and daemons to provide better stability and a better working environment for our thousands of users.

For the last 18 months, a small group of volunteers has put thousands of hours of its time into putting together an IRC daemon suitable for the development of Open Source projects, and the free exchange of information, without the problems associated with conventional IRC networks. After many difficult periods, and a lot of effort, the new code-base was launched without any serious setbacks at 01:00 Universal time on Monday, July 30th, 2001.

The list of improvements for users is available at www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~aps100/ docs/dancer-user-guide/ dancer-user-guide.html, and should help both current and new users adapt to the differences in this code-base from conventional IRC networks.

Among the highlights of the new code-base:
    * The addition of the +c channel mode, which will prevent colours and control characters from being displayed to a channel with that mode set.
    * Operators are treated in a revolutionary new way, where very specific individual privileges can be assigned to each staff member.
    * Built-in flood protection to reduce problems caused by floodbots, a problem that often hampers development channels.
    * Improved stability of services (ie. NickServ and ChanServ).

A partial list of participants and contributors to this project, as well as a partial list of projects based on OpenProjects.net is available at www.openprojects.net/ acknowledgements.shtml, and we wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has put so much work into accomplishing this exercise in international Open Source development.

We hope to encourage the use of OpenProjects.net by Open Source projects seeking a stable and welcoming platform and a wealth of great minds to help in their development processes, and to encourage the free exchange of information and ideas.

OpenProjects.net can be accessed by logging in with any IRC client to irc.openprojects.net.

For further information, do not hesitate to drop by in channel #OpenProjects, or contact us at
OpenProjects.net Staff: support@openprojects.net.

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