OpenPuppets: New project to promote Open Source

Bernardo G. Reinfeld writes “Visit our new project to promote Open Source and Free Software. It’s about its pets, a way to make cute the technology! OpenPuppets is for childs, for youngs, for everybody!

Our Design Studio wanna say thanks to the work of this big community. We use GNU/Linux and other Open Source and Free Software stuff, we translate and programming for some projects but wanna help in a more deep way, building a new world: OpenPuppets world. We’re designers then we want help with Design!

Greetings and hoping you like our work. Please if you’ve any doubt contact us.

Bernardo González Reinfeld
OrganicaDTM Design Studio
Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, nº 2, Edificio Trianon, piso 5, centro.
38001. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain”