August 3, 2003

OpenSource expands in Germany

Marcin Pietralski writes: More7 is the first Polish company to implement Linux and Open Source
based solutions in the European Union. At the beginning of 2003 More7
started implementing a series of content management systems (CMS) in
German cities. In July the first of these projects was finished, a
Linux-based CMS used to manage the Internet sites of the German city
Obertshausen (near Frankfurt am Main). Several system components have
been made available to the institutions and organisations operating in the
city, creating a unified information center for use by over 40 thousand

The CMS implemented in Obertshausen contains the subsystems of workflow
and task management, enabling over 100 redactor to use the system
effectively. Thanks to Open Source components, the overall system cost
was lower than competitive solutions which made it praticularly
attractive to the governments ov German cities. Last but not least, Open
Source software is opensly promoted by German government.

Having successfully finished German projects, More7 plans to build
similar systems in Poland, to enter the European Union in 2004.
The authors of the solution are sure that short implementation time as
well as low costs of implementation and maintenance will attract Polish
public institutions too.

About More7:

More7 is a Polish IT company operating in Germany, France, Poland and
the Netherlands. The company offers recontent management systems,
relation management systems, task, workflow and project management
systems to its client within the European Union.

More info about More7:



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