April 5, 2001

OpenSourceDirectory.org launches 4/5/01

Author: JT Smith

Steve Mallett writes "We are proud to launch OpenSourceDirectory.org today. We are a site that promotes "stable, open-source apps".We decided to build the site after a quick email to a certain higher mammal at OSI. Right now we are in the first growth stage which is to get authors to register their stable releases. Come one, come all.

The basic idea of the site is to provide one hub where someone will know the software they are looking at is open-source and is developed to the point it should work.

We hope to reach the developers/authors through NewsForge to get the word out. You can reach the site at www.opensourcedirectory.org and .com

We'll also be on irc.openprojects.net #osd to chat. (spaceman) (RobBbot)


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