OpenStack Deployments Spread Out as the Icehouse Release Arrives


This week, there is a slew of news about major OpenStack deployments going on at enterprises. Red Hat announced that a number of notable organizations, including The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, and Midokura, are building out OpenStack deployments based on its platform. And, The Wall Street Journal has been covering some smaller companies, such as DigitalFilm Tree, doing deployments. Meanwhile, Icehouse, the next major release of OpenStack is arriving.

The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, a biomedical research institution focused on genomic medicine, has created an on-premise cloud with on-demand compute and self-service functionality. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and OpenStack are powering the deployment. Midokura, a global company focused on network virtualization, has built a private internal cloud based on Red Hat’s OpenStack platform. And, PayPal and a number of other companies are expanding their OpenStack plans.

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