October 10, 2012

OpenStack Summit Approaching, Stacked with Good Sessions

The OpenStack Summit is coming up in sunny San Diego, Calif., Oct. 15-18 and looks like it will be one of the year's most outstanding cloud computing events. As opposed to some of the other open source cloud computing platforms, OpenStack is backed by such a huge list of heavyweight companies that some are criticizing all the proprietary backing. In all likelihood, though, the platform's backers will make the upcoming summit an event worth following. It's loaded with compelling educational sessions.

As we've covered, the new Folsom release of OpenStack is out, and will be covered well in the summit's sessions. In fact, there are sessions planned on moving from Folsom to Grizzly, the next version of OpenStack.

You can find the full list of sessions here, which looks very complete. Instructions for registering for the summit are here

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